A Spectacular 4 1/2 Month Velocity – Pt. 1


For over twenty years I have kept a daily writing journal, which honestly was not consistent until 2003 (when I discovered my first pocket Moleskine). Prior to this special day my writing was all over the place, but the majority has been kept in a Moleskine.

In 2009, I switched to the largest lined journal they offered at the time, and this has been my journal of choice. These journals contain 192 pages (give or take) of my thoughts, ideas, story outlines, character development, poems, and a lot of note taking.

The four I have completed in this size have taken me somewhere between 1 1/2 to 2 years to complete – but as you can see, this one broke my record!

It started off well, and I began this journal with a new intention: be more visually creative! And then I experienced a pen and journal crisis that I wrote enough about to fill a pocket cahier notebook, but thankfully it was not the end of days like I imagined.


Once the dust settled, I began experimenting with my new Lamy Alstar fountain pen, with an EF nib, and Platinum Carbon fountain pen ink (which dries quickly, and is waterproof).

First, a clever sketch:


Then, in some later pages, I got brave, and threw in some yellow ochre watercolor over some mark-making:


Somehow I made this happen:


I thought it was horrible at first, but I kept going, and during a poem, I created this:


And lastly, this hand drawing that I made with the very scary Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, scary because it takes a lot of patience and breath holding to get finer lines. I am very proud of this drawing:


I learned so much from this journal that I could possibly post an e-book on the matter. Actually, that’s a great idea! Consider this part one, then.

© Kristian J. Duncan                           2019


A Woke Poem

Well I guess some pain happens for a reason. I already was rudely awakened by this damn hip, leg, and knee pain once this morning, around 3 a.m., and then again at 8 a.m., but to my surprise I was able to write a poem.

Nocturnal are the night sea birds,
The fish swim against the bride’s curl.

Nocturnal she is, without sun
On her face, deep vibes roll and run.

Water rippling, red fishes
Swimming free, her locks all twisted.

Water cooling the night sea bride.
Her tale of song, as smooth as hide.

And blow she does, nocturnal shade –
The scum on the bottom, for taste.

Blow the red fishes, all gills hold.
And night sea birds and night sea bride,

Fight for the red fish delight, under
These waves, nocturnal, cool, plunder,

In the twisted locks, a fair tow –
Nocturnal water blow.

This poem was written from a three-word promt: Nocturnal, Water, Blow.

And in 100 words, a story or poem.

If anyone is interested look up the Facebook group One-Hundred Words.


© Kristian J. Duncan                           2019

Problems R Us

It’s not that bad though, well, some problems are, such as health, but I’m referring to all the other things I usually think are problems but, they really are just little obstacles that I have yet to overcome.

Like this blog. On, then off. At first, it was going to be me posting my own thoughts on various topics, including myself, because I’m all about self-discovery. Then it turned into me wanting to help other creative types. I think I liked the first idea more.

Well, I’m back again, this time going further with my first idea – this blog is going to follow my creative life, all of it’s journey, hopefully every day – so, many posts will be short, which is fine by me.

I may repost some old images because I like them a lot. And, one of my goals is to add more images, because that was my intention with the previous bout of blogs.

They say I should plan. They say I should schedule. They say to add this, and not include that. Well, screw all the shoulds and should-nots, because they only cause more problems!

I recently learned this past December to wave and smile. I just turned 41 last week, and I finally get it! It’s so much easier going through life in this manner.


© Kristian J. Duncan                           2019