Externalize the Pain

…or “just breathe”, they say.

I can do both when making art, or writing. But at the moment, this pain has yanked me out of my slumber – the sharp jabs to my hip, back, and now my knee. I’m not sure the cause but it feels like the start of a severe charley horse but without the muscles actually constricting, and in a few minutes it will turn into the dullest of aches.

If I had the will, I’d pick up my dip pen and scratch side to side, up and over, to make marks in my sketchbook – which is all the hands can muster – maybe with the Higgins Black Magic or Sepia, like I did here a few days ago:


This is the externalization my body needs right now, but I prefer sleep. So, later maybe, if my new job allows a few moments, I’ll get some relief in the pages of my sketchbook.

© Kristian J. Duncan                          2019


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