Problems R Us

It’s not that bad though, well, some problems are, such as health, but I’m referring to all the other things I usually think are problems but, they really are just little obstacles that I have yet to overcome.

Like this blog. On, then off. At first, it was going to be me posting my own thoughts on various topics, including myself, because I’m all about self-discovery. Then it turned into me wanting to help other creative types. I think I liked the first idea more.

Well, I’m back again, this time going further with my first idea – this blog is going to follow my creative life, all of it’s journey, hopefully every day – so, many posts will be short, which is fine by me.

I may repost some old images because I like them a lot. And, one of my goals is to add more images, because that was my intention with the previous bout of blogs.

They say I should plan. They say I should schedule. They say to add this, and not include that. Well, screw all the shoulds and should-nots, because they only cause more problems!

I recently learned this past December to wave and smile. I just turned 41 last week, and I finally get it! It’s so much easier going through life in this manner.


© Kristian J. Duncan                           2019


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